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What is SWERK?

SWERK is the newest and hottest dance fitness craze available.  Our upbeat routines are paired with the hottest pop and hip hop songs to make you sweat, work, and twerk your way to weight loss and toned bodies!

Where can I find more info on class times and prices?

You can visit the tab "Find a Class" above to see which classes we are currently hosting! We’re even offering some virtual classes!


When are instructor certification trainings?

We aim to have 1 certification a month (usually the last Sunday). We're always updating the website and emailing out the dates, so be sure to reach out via our contact form if you’d like to sign up!


Do you get AFAA credit to become SWERK certified?

Currently, no but it is something we are in the process of getting approved.


Where can I find choreography to dances?

If you are one of our certified trainers registered for the monthly subscription, you will have access to the portal. This is where all of our videos are uploaded! You can even make money by submitting your own choreography.


Does SWERK partner with other brands and organizations?

Yes! We currently collaborate with college organizations, small businesses, and beauty/fitness brands. If you'd like to be considered, you can head on over to our "Contact" tab and fill out a form  letting us know who you are!


If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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