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Michelle Easter


I am married to my best friend, I’m a dog mom, and I have been a hair stylist for almost 12 years! Working with people in the salon has taught me to be more compassionate, caring, creative, and professional. I love my career, I love my family, and I have learned in my adult life to love myself more! And to self-love includes working out! I have tried all kinds of different fitness classes and plans. Swerk speaks to me!
I love Swerk because it makes me feel free, brave, bold, spicy, and extra!!! It helps me stay excited and committed to my workout!

I took my first Swerk class 12/01/2018. I had been encouraged to try MVPDanceFit for years from my sister and I’m so glad that I finally checked-in! I fell in love with Swerk. I wanted to learn the dances, enjoyed how physically conditioning it was, and knew that I could let loose like my 15 year old self! I needed this! I continued classes so often! I was truly addicted to swerk! I invited all my girlfriends to try it! I saw a post about a workshop to get certified to teach this amazing fitness class. So, why wouldn’t I sign up for Swerk Shop in March?!? I gifted this to myself for my birthday! I’m so glad that I did! I subbed a few times over summer and started my first class in August!

I became a SWERK Instructor because I wanted to make people feel how I was feeling as a client taking the class! The music is fun, the workout is challenging, and the results were definitely showing. I’m so thankful for the opportunity! I get to help motivate others, encourage them to express themselves, de-stress and have fun with them! After my class; you should feel happy, refreshed and hotttttt!

I have a life to be so grateful for and a heart full of gold to share! I am patient with people because we all need to feel and look better—and be LOVED!!

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