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Swerk Instructor of Year Nominee

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Meet Dawn

My name is Dawn & I am a small town girl from Cincinnati, OH. I have been a SWERK instructor since February of 2017! It was not something I had planned out (at all) but after a year of taking classes, something inside of me just had to be in the front of the room. Five years has flown by & it was easily one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made for myself, both personally & professionally. Taking this leap of faith has brought me out of my comfort zone & given me more confidence than I’ve ever had before.. like EVER! I have the opportunity to pour into other women & empower them, while still slaying my own fitness goals. I have also become a Master Trainer, licensing over 100+ new instructors to join the squad & a SWERK Star, so I plan to travel & help spread the SWERK love as far as possible over the next few years, including putting together some Destination SWERK classes on-demand. Being able to launch classes in Puerto Rico in 2021, invited to showcase SWERK at big events like the MindBody Bold conference in California over the last few years & now getting to share it in our home state at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus are some of the biggest honors to date!

My community is made up of mostly women of ALL walks of life. It is the most diverse & beautiful group of humans! A lot of them are moms who stand for being more than just someone’s mama. We are businesswomen shattering glass ceilings, leaders, creators & so much more. I think it’s so important to keep your identity as an individual & when you demonstrate that self-love & keep your cup full, the blessings can continue to pour out!

I have built my community on social media from the ground up, mainly just through networking. I have a Facebook group of 450+ called Fit Body. Clean Beauty. where I share information on classes & healthy living as a whole, & a great deal of my 200+ IG growth this year came from partnering with CHAARG groups all over the nation after Covid encouraged us to venture into the virtual class territory. I have worked with at least 30+ chapters teaching these classes from all over the globe, being that I’m also a Flight Attendant. I recently got to fly out to the Arizona State University campus in Tempe to lead 2 back-to-back classes in person, which was much needed because there is nothing like having the energy of others beside you to keep you moving!

This year also brought several affiliations that have been a blessing both financially & philanthropically. Some of my favorite brands to work with are Liquid IV, FRÉ Skin Care, FaceSoft Towels & Syrgent, an athleisure apparel line. These partnerships have allowed me to help my community save on some quality fitness products that I truly stand behind & also brought on some opportunities to give back, including the tie between Syrgent & Rise Against Hunger, which provides one meal to a family in need for every single piece purchased. Last year I was able to hold a few fundraising SWERK classes to support their mission & raised almost $500 to donate. I believe that if you are blessed you should pay it forward & be a blessing to others, so this is one of my favorite ways to do so.

SWERK & fitness in general has saved me so many times throughout these last 5 years. I have experienced some of the highest highs & been down to rock bottom lows after heartbreaks & disappointments, but SWERK has always been there to quite literally lift me up out of the darkness & get me back on my feet & into the light. It has truly given me a passion for my purpose. For me, it’s not just dance cardio— it’s a way of life!

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