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Swerk Instructor of the Year Nominee

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Meet Katy

My name is Katy and I’ve been dancing in my living room and making choreos with my sisters ever since I can remember. My community is made up of women of all sizes, ages, and shapes who are sassy and filled with life and need to find a way to let that out. These women are what bring light and color to my life. When the pandemic hit, I knew not only I still needed that safe and stress-free time, but I knew that so did my ladies. We had to find a way to keep moving and keeping that hope and that light even if we had to do it apart. That led to a lot of virtual options and opportunities, including trying to reach others who needed that safe time through other platforms like Tik Tok. What started out as a means of just keeping hope really blossomed into something powerful that a lot of people enjoyed and related to even if they were in different states.

I also work as an IT professional and I was able to incorporate my 8-5 knowledge with my heart for group fitness and for women. Swerk has truly allowed me to grow into the best version of me, and it has rippled out to the women I get to dance with and despite space, physical, or other obstacles it’s important to just keep going. I truly want everyone to embrace their jiggle and love what their bodies can do. I think we all need a chance and space to practice self-love and I absolutely know that Swerk is the perfect space for that.

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