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Swerk Instructor of the Year Nominee

Meet Tiffany

Hiiii. I’m Tiffany and I’m 32 years old. I am happily married and together we have a spunky sassy three-nager daughter. I am currently a police officer. My husband is also a police officer (and no we didn’t meet through law enforcement!) My entire life I was a cheerleader. I was on a traveling all-star team (as well as varsity cheer and competitive) and traveled everywhere. I also performed a halftime show at the Citrus Bowl a long time ago! I LOVED to cheer, however, it certainly took a toll on my body. Around my junior year, I was having severe back pain, I eventually learned that I was born without a disc in my lower back, which was causing my spine and tailbone to rub together causing mini fractures. Doctors basically told me there was essentially nothing they could do for me and everything just depended on how much longer I could take the pain. I had an opportunity to potentially cheer at EKU, which I had to turn down because the pain was too much.

After High School, I received my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and graduated from the Police Academy in 2013. I almost immediately got a job at a local hospital as a Sworn Police Officer, which led to an open door to a City Police Department (Dayton area), where I currently work. This was a huge accomplishment for me after being told by some that I couldn't do it and "girls shouldn’t be cops." I worked on the road there for a couple of years. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I was offered the School Resource Officer position at my city's High School. This is my 4th year in the school (send help LOL). It is certainly a tough job, but at times can be very rewarding.

I’ve had some unimaginable grief in my life. I lost my best friend from a car accident in 2013. She had recently graduated from Purdue University. Her perseverance kept me strong and on the path to becoming a police officer.

I also had a very very hard time in my life when my sister took her own life 4 years ago. She was my BEST friend and was only 20 years old. She literally followed me everywhere when we were younger. We have tattoos together on our rib cages that say “I keep you safe” and “you keep me wild.” Her vibrant lively spirit and energy always kept me wild, but I felt that I had failed her when she took her own life. I was trained in suicidal awareness; it was my JOB on the street to give people the help they need. How did I not know she was struggling? Why didn’t I “keep her safe.” It really was the worst time in my entire life. It felt like I was in a hole that was getting deeper and darker. Eventually a little at a time, I climbed out of that hole. I still miss and think of her every day.

As some of you know, my career as a police officer has been very challenging especially within the past couple of years. After some unfortunate events unrelated to me, I could physically see people treating me differently. I even lost some friends. I felt like I was the enemy though it had nothing to do with me except for the uniform I wore. I knew I needed to do something to get people to see who I really am instead of judging what I do as a career. I needed them to see that I am one of the good guys and NOT out to get them… It was because of this that really pushed me to become SWERK certified.

I became certified as a SWERK fitness instructor in January of 2021. This was actually my birthday gift from my husband and family members! This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and it has been a huge goal of mine that I had finally accomplished.…My first goal as a SWERK instructor was to offer these classes to my staff members at the High School. We really needed to boost morale as we were dealing with world issues and the pandemic. I sent out a survey to the staff members unsure of what their thoughts would be. I was blown away with the amount of interest they had in SWERK! I held my first SWERK class for the staff members in February of 2021 and continued to have these twice a week for the rest of the year. I literally made mirrors from door mirrors and a wooden frame that our woodshop teacher helped me make. I had about 40 staff members attend at least one of the classes a week. It was amazing to see how different we all were yet when we went to SWERK the only thing that mattered was Swerking. It truly was a “judgement free” zone!

Now that I am certified I have accomplished many SWERK related events including my own summer classes at the WC Senior Center as well as a successful fundraiser for our WCHS dance team. I’ve assisted in leading CHAARG SWERKS in person and virtually! I have also landed myself my very own SWERK classes at MVP Dance Fit. SWERK has truly helped me in so many ways along with healing from the loss of my sister. It’s really given me a new found confidence. I know that I am on this planet to serve, and SWERK gives me an opportunity to “serve” in a different way, because all booties matter! I even went VIRAL when I did a SWERK routine at the High Schools Homecoming Dance! The kids loved it and STILL bring it up!

I also created a Facebook Private Group called “Swerk with Tiffany”, I know, creative, am I right?! I have about 200 members! In this group I literally post all things SWERK including: My classes, virtual classes, fundraisers, Sip and SWERKS, SWERK gear, anything our SWERK #squad asks to share! I love supporting SWERK and our instructors. I also have an Instagram account and Tik Tok account. I just recently went “public” on Instagram so I only have 828 followers. I mostly stayed private due to my profession, because let’s face it, there are some bad apples out there!

Let’s take a dive into some of my fitness journey…. 7 years ago I walked into a gym completely out of my comfort zone called MVP Dance Fit. I’ve always loved working out, but I prefer taking group classes rather than just wandering around at a box gym not knowing what to do…. I fell in love with MVP almost immediately and I especially fell in love with SWERK. The #fitfam has always made me feel welcome! I didn’t feel like anyone was judging me, and there were so many different ages, shapes and sizes! As soon as I let go and just danced, I had the BEST time. I’ll never forget taking Rachel’s class being shoulder to shoulder with strangers just dancing our hearts out! MVP was there while I was pregnant, it was there in the heartbreak of losing my sister, it was there when I was at my heaviest and lowest. I never thought I would be good enough to be a part of the MVP staff. I am so humbled and honored to say that I work there now! Never in 100 years would I think I would actually be working for the gym that I’ve been going to for so long as a 32-year-old working mama!

Now to my “why.” My why is to “serve” for me, my daughter, my husband, my family and friends. My why is to be reliable and let people know I AM HERE. I want them to know that through heartbreak and death, there is still a light. I want to be a successful role model to my kids at the HS. I want to be a great SWERK instructor who people can count on and more than just a fitness class. I want people to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams. I want to stay strong and “tough” in this life. Life is literally too short not to live. TAKE the risk. Prove your worth. Stand up for YOURSELF. Never get so caught up in making a “life” that you forget to live it! Lastly, really ask yourself as MLK once has before… “What are you doing for others?”

With love,

Tiffany <3

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